The Chevre Retreat

Healing for Jews & Allies 

Why come on retreat?

It has been a rough year for the Tribe. Let’s gather to heal in community. We are stronger together.

The Chevre Retreat holds the spaciousness needed for new perspective, connection, and growth to take root.

May the web of support we co-create nurture us all before, during, and after the retreat.

Join Us

Wednesday to Sunday, October 16-20, 2024

Outside of Mexico City, Mexico
Exact schedule subject to change, as we adapt to the unique needs of each group.

Late afternoon arrival

Settle in


Opening ceremony, agreements, container creation


Joyful motion


Intentions & intros

Lesson: How to trip

Light snack

Journey #1


Wind down activity


Joyful motion


Morning Session: Group integrate


Massages, down time

Kabbalat Shabbat

Journey #2, Group Ceremony

Late Dinner


(Sleep in)


Art therapy integration


Massages, down time

Temazcal Sweat Lodge Ceremony




Joyful motion


Closing ceremony





Meet the Team
Exact staff subject to change.

Each is an expert in their field, and brings a love of the medicine and reverence for your Inner Healer to every session.

Dr. Erica

Dr. Erica was born in Canada to Ashkenazi immigrants from Eastern Europe. Despite her rebellious streak, she somehow grew up to become a Jewish doctor married to a lawyer.

After burning out on primary care, she now specializes in integrative mental health and teaches psychedelic facilitation internationally. She turns off her phone for Shabbos and says “ptu ptu ptu,” but eats bacon sometimes. 

Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan was born into a Jewish family in Mexico City and completed his residency in Israel, where he connected with deeply rooted Judaism and specialisted in Somatic Psychotherapy. 

Dr. Dan is certified in integrative psychiatry and psychedelic-assisted therapy.

He is dedicated to the preparation and integration of psychedelic processes from a somatic, human, and gentle approach.



Raised in Los Angeles, Rachel now lives in Oregon, where she is the Client Steward for a licensed psilocybin service center.

Rachel is a social worker, licensed psychedelic facilitator, and community tender. She is also certified in psychedelic-assisted therapy and integration.

Rachel finds purpose in supporting others with the medicine that has gifted her own profound healing.

Reshet Temicha

Our reshet temicha (web of support) includes ancillary staff who support and augment our container of transformation.

These include our director of operations, temazcalero, curandero, and local facilitators.


The Medicine

Two medicine sessions will be offered over the course of the week, but there is no pressure to take more than feels right to you.

The first dosing session happens during the day, with each guest having their own space in the yard or in their room.

The second dosing session is at night, in the context of a group ceremony imbued with Mexica traditions and Hebrew songs.

To stay in compliance with the law, a Mexica curandera will be in charge of the medicine for all sessions.

We offer and support all dose ranges – from microdoses to heroic ones. Lemon tek, boosters, and other techniques will also be used as needed.

We do not enforce any upper limit on dosage, making this retreat a good choice for those who have never “broken through” before, or who are on medications that may blunt the effects.

The Temazcal

The traditional Mexican sweat lodge is called the Temazcal. The ceremony held within the womb-like space of the temazcal connects us not only to nature, but also to the ancient Mexica traditions of the land.

Through breathing the aromatic steam of medicinal herbs, singing, and sweating, we experience purification and spiritual renewal. The heat from the volcanic stones in the temazcal promotes physical and spiritual well-being.

The temazcal also gives us the gifts of community and shared rituals, fostering a sense of unity and connection.


Ceremony allows us to access information, yet it is during integration that we can organize that information. Integration allows us to make the most sense and meaning out of our experiences, so that we don’t have to keep running back to the substance itself for guidance.

That’s why we have group integration the day after every medicine session, plus continued groups online after the retreat ends.

  • [Describe rooms]
  • Daily housekeeping and groundskeeping
  • Meals cooked on-site from scratch (pescatarian ) & filtered drinking water
  • On-site swimming pool
  • Secure, gated retreat center with night time security guard

Travel support includes:

  • Customized guide for traveling to/within Mexico & packing list

  • Support documents for your family/friends to understand how to best support you through the journey
  • Shuttle service to/from the retreat site will be offered. (2 options: Airport or Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City)

  • Group Slack channel for planning day trips with your new chevre

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How religious is this retreat? Is the food kosher?

This retreat is designed for Jews and Jewish allies. 

The facility does not have a certified kosher kitchen, but all food served will be lacto-ovo-pescatarian. (No meat or shellfish will be served.)

We will have a kabbalat Shabbat on Friday evening and a brief Havdalah on Saturday night. You are welcome to initiate more Jewish prayers and activities if you desire!

After the Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday, we will begin our group mushroom ceremony, so we will be taking the medicine, singing songs, and listening to music on Shabbat.

A Righteous Gentile will tend the fire and oversee the group sweat lodge (Temazcal) on Shabbat afternoon.

We will also have an art-based integration activity on Saturday, but if you are not comfortable with drawing on the Sabbath we can focus on talk-oriented integration instead.

I’ve never done any psychedelic substance before. Can I still come?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome both first-timers and experienced cosmonauts.

I take antidepressant medication. Do I have to taper off my meds to attend?

Not necessarily! We welcome people who are on psychiatric medication, though we do ask that you consult a healthcare provider prior to attending this retreat to double-check the safety.

You may also schedule an appointment with an RTH provider prior to proceeding.

Can my spouse, sweetheart, sibling, family member, or friend come with me?

If you choose to attend this retreat loved ones, we will respect that choice and welcome you all. We may assign you separate bedrooms, however.

We request that any interpersonal challenges or breakthroughs be shared with the circle so as to avoid “bubbles” or “cliques” from forming.

Non-participants are welcome to drop you off and pick you up from the retreat, but only registered retreat participants may stay on the premises during the retreat.

Exceptions are made for individuals with disabilities who require medical assistance.

How many people will be on the retreat? How many staff?

We limit the group size to ensure potency and individualized care: our maximum capacity is 15 guests per retreat.

We aim to have at least 1 staff member per 2 guests during dosing sessions.

I’ve never been to Mexico before. Is it safe?

Foreigners sometimes fear Mexico. While danger is always a risk, and while certain parts of the country should be avoided, the places that tourists venture within Mexico City and the retreat location are typically safe.

As with any place, it’s a good idea to travel in groups if possible, explore during the daytime, and stay mindful of pickpockets.

The scary news about violent crime in Mexico is almost always in border towns. We will be in Central Mexico – far, far away from the border.

Is the weather going to be too hot?

Mexico is a large country that spans several different climates. Whereas the beach towns of Mexico become swelteringly hot and uncomfortably humid in the summer months, our inland location is more versatile.

The hottest times of the year (late March to late May) are also the driest, so humidity is low. We stay comfortable in the late afternoon by enjoying the well ventilated indoor spaces, with ceiling fans and cool tile floors. We also have AC in the main classroom, if need be.

During the winter months, the days are pleasant and the nights can get chilly. Bring a sweater!

Why come to Mexico versus Oregon or Colorado?

Doing this work abroad allows us to customize the experience to each participant’s needs, with less red tape and lower overheads. It also allows us to weave in the traditions of the local culture.

Is this work legal in Mexico?

Psilocybin mushrooms have a rich history of use in Mexico among indigenous people.

Article 195 bis of the Federal Penal Code respects the use of mushrooms for traditional spiritual practices or ceremonies, and members our staff include indigenous Mexicans.

Similar retreats of lesser quality cost much more than this one. What’s the catch?

The cost-effective structure of RTH’s retreats is made possible by a few factors.

Our overheads are lower by avoiding bureaucratic red tape. Furthermore, this is not a luxury retreat. The facilities are clean but rustic, and the food is fresh, though simple.

The retreat is also in part subsidized by tax-deductible donations. Members of the staff may also include facilitators-in-training, reflecting our commitment to training and empowering as many healers as possible.

Who should NOT attend this retreat?

There are some folks who we are not set up to support at this time. They include:

  • Individuals who are particularly dysregulated, frightened and/or in need of more gradual, one-on-one support;
  • Individuals who need a lot of special exceptions or a highly controlled environment;
  • Individuals who are unable to stop using substances like alcohol, cannabis, opiates, etc. for at least one week before the retreat begins and for the whole duration of the retreat;
  • Those who need a very particular, strict diet (eg: dedicated gluten free kitchen, low FODMAPs, low histamine diets);
  • Those who recently discontinued a psychiatric medication abruptly and have not fully stabilized;
  • Those with entitled, socially preachy, or otherwise “high maintenance” personalities who are unwilling to examine these defense mechanisms;
  • Those with medical contraindications to taking psychedelics
Can I get a discount? Do you offer payment plans?

We are not able to offer any discounts, sliding scale positions, or payment plans.

Depending on how many donations we receive, however, we may have some scholarship opportunities available. Please inquire.

Do I need to be a client of RTH to attend?

For our Healing Retreats, people who have had at least one 60-minute appointment with an RTH provider will be given registration priority.

If you’d like to become a client, please schedule your first tele-appointment today.

How do I pay for the consumables?

To stay in compliance with all rules and regulations, the retreat fee paid to Right to Heal does not include the medicine itself. 

The medicine is transported, handled, and administered by a local curandero  or marakame, whom you will pay directly. (We’ll provide more details upon registration, but don’t wory – it’s very affordable.)

The Gelt

 $3,636 USD includes:

  • Group shuttle to/from Mexico City (MEX airport or Condesa neighborhood)
  • Daily activities: yoga, mindful movement, music, meditation

  • 2 supported psilocybin journeys

  • Temazcal ceremony (traditional Mexican sweat lodge)
  • Group integration counseling

  • Accommodation

  • All meals & snacks

  • One massage

  • One group integration call

  • Note that for legal reasons, the medicine itself is transported, handled, and administered by a local curandero or Marakame; renumeration happens separately. (It’s very affordable!)


Online Group Integration

Reflecting upon our experiences helps them more fully transform our lives.

In an understanding, supportive, and confidential container, we provide the space that is all too often missing in the default culture.

One integration call is included with the retreat fee. This call is private; only those on your particular retreat will be invited.

Afterwards, anyone who has attended any RTH retreat, ceremony, or private session is welcome to join our bi-monthly virtual drop-in groups.

Join Us

Wednesday 16 October to Sunday 20 October, 2024

Outside of Mexico City, Mexico

Clients love us:

"Such a beautiful experience. I couldn't believe how full every day was with learning and bonding and growing. I'm so thankful I got to witness and be a part of everything that happened during those magical few days. Erica did an extraordinary job connecting to each person, keeping the tone serious, calm and fun all at the same time while managing to all of the details of the retreat. I'm so glad I went, it was wonderful and life changing."

Ryan S.

"RTH Retreat offered the most amazing, transformational week of my life. I am grateful for the flexibility, knowledge and mindfulness brought into such a sacred container. Erica trusted me in my healing, and that was refreshing and allowed my ability to deep dive and step into my life and purpose more fully. Ineffable is the word that continues to come to mind, but it was a truly beautiful week of being witnessed, held, trusted and heard. Growth in community and sacred container is powerful along with this incredible plant medicine that has evolved with us to guide healing. "

Dr. Kelly Prill, Functional Neurologist

"If given the opportunity to work with Erica and her team on a healing journey, please do not hesitate. Any sacrifices you make to give yourself the time and space to heal will be worth it. This is life-changing work and YOU are worth it. The safe and supportive environment provided by Dr. Zelfand and her team allowed for the healing of wounds and trauma I had been carrying for over 30 years and I have already seen positive change and results integrated into my daily life. "

Kara, Naturopathic Doctor

"I can't express in words the immensely transformative power of exploring, learning, and healing that can take place within such a loving, supportive community as this one. Erica skillfully led the co-creation of a safe, nurturing container, weaving a net of trust, vulnerability, and connection, inviting and empowering each of us to contribute beyond our perceived limits, encouraging and challenging us lovingly to show up wholly and to be witnessed deeply. A magical alchemy took place within our group."

Val, Facilitator, Mentor

"Wow, thank you! I never expected to have such a deep healing. Your expertise of psilocybin, along with your ability to create safety and comfort created the perfect trifecta for me to allow the medicine to do its thing."

Hilary Andrews, Naturopathic Physician

"I have never had a retreat where I was given full permission to express my true self. I was able to do the biggest healing work I have ever done due to feeling safe and held by Erica & the sacred container she created. "

Christine Marie, Plant Medicine Guide, Shamanic Healer

"I had never done a psychedelic in my life before this retreat and I was nervous. But from the moment I arrived I felt very cared for. My experience with the mushrooms was more than I could have even imagined. I felt a change that has carried through to my life after the retreat."

Yoly, Hospice and Palliative Care Physician

"My experience at RTH was so much more than I could’ve imagined. Erica put together a great team, and we were held with care, understanding, and love. The balance of structure and flow within the retreat allowed a beautiful and safe container to be created by all of us, with room for all of us. I felt accepted and loved, and experienced and witnessed immense healing. I left with gratitude, hope, and so many lessons."

Anthony B, Dad

The choice to heal is always the right choice - and it's also your right.

Dr. Erica Zelfand, CEO of Right to Heal