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We’ll answer the questions your other doctor won’t.

We’re here to help with: 

  • Depression, anxiety, and mood imbalances
  • Life transitions 
  • Psychedelic harm reduction and education
  • Entheogenic consultation (substance, dose, etc.)
  • Psychedelic preparation 
  • Psychedelic and mystical experience integration, including bad trip recovery
  • Microdosing guidelines and integration
  • Counseling and life coaching sessions
  • Investigating the root causes of issues
  • Functional medicine, lab testing, and interpretation
  • Herbal, nutritional, and homeopathic formulas
  • Guidance around pharmaceutical medications (including tapering off)

Do you really understand what’s really going on with your health, and what you can do about it? 

Wondering if psychedelic medicine and other holistic therapies are right for you?

Let’s talk.

Who we are: 

RTH’s health consultants are licensed doctors trained in holistic healing and psychedelic facilitation. 

We’re delighted to offer you an individualized, effective, and refreshing new way of understanding your life and your health.

How we do it: 

Bridging the body, mind, and soul

Depression isn’t in your head.

There are often real, objective, and measurable causes to mood imbalances. It often takes more than a therapist to heal depression and mental health issues, because “mental health” issues actually aren’t just in your head!

Mood-disrupting issues include nutritional deficiencies, hormonal issues, digestive ailments, microbial imbalances, allergic responses, and inflammatory reactions. Food intolerances, stealth infections, and heavy metals and other environmental exposures can also complicate matters.

Thankfully, many of these conditions can be detected and corrected if we listen carefully to the body. We will listen to you carefully and investigate what your body, mind, and spirit may need to be in harmony.

Counseling that works

We are bound to struggle if the deepest parts of us are unfulfilled, unloved, or dysregulated.

It can be terrifying to turn and face our own shadows. We are here to witness and support you through the very important work of rediscovering and reclaiming your right to a satisfying life.

Holistic counseling sessions are 60-90 minutes long, during which time your RTH consultant will ask a series of both open-ended and directive questions to help unveil the patterns and negative messages swirling around in your subconscious. This allows your conscious mind to connect the dots between your mind, spirit, and physical body. During these sessions you will get the opportunity to share your hidden struggles, fears, weaknesses, and issues.

We do not sit back and let clients complain for an hour week after week. Our counseling style is loving-yet-firm, focused on identifying and disrupting harmful patterns.

Most people come out of sessions feeling they have a better sense of themselves, and often their physical ailments “miraculously” improve slowly in the weeks and months that follow. Sometimes one session is all that’s needed, but more commonly people need a few to get to the various layers. We can space the sessions out to whatever timing feels right for the unfolding of the healthier, truer version of you. (One to two times per month is typical.)

Our approach to counseling is tailored to the unique needs of the client. Some of our inspirations, teachers, and heroes include:

  • Negative core belief work
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Window of tolerance
  • Holistic counseling / Vis Dialogue
  • ManKind Project & Woman Within models
  • Shadow work
  • Trauma release movement
  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT, or “tapping”)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Naturopathic medical philosophy
  • Homeopathic and Vitalist philosophies
  • Mystical experience integration
  • Entheogenic healing paradigms
  • Creative movement and drama therapy
Pharmaceutical second opinions

As licensed doctors, we know that pharmaceutical medicine has its place. We will never bully or pill shame our clients. In fact, sometimes we even recommend pharmaceuticals.

As with any medication, antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals typically work best when used as a part of a comprehensive plan that includes good nutrition, healthy lifestyle practices, counseling or coaching, herbal remedies, and/or supplements.

Is it time for you to stop taking one or more of your psychiatric medications? We can offer suggestions on how to make the transition as smooth and peaceful as possible. Whether you’ve been on a drug for just a few months or several decades, it’s usually best to taper down slowly. Fortunately, there are nutritional, hormonal, lifestyle, herbal, psychedelic, and other holistic strategies that can help.

We don’t believe that pharmaceuticals are inferior to psychedelics: We know that both medicines have their place. Whether you’re on a pharmaceutical, thinking about taking one, or wanting to go off of one, we’re here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments will I need?

We offer web consultations to people worldwide who are ready to take an active role in their healing.

We work together on your healing goals usually over several visits. Recommendations are customized just for you, since health isn’t one-size-fits-all.

The first appointment typically consists of a “download,” in which your RTH consultant will ask a number of questions about your current and past health to give me a sense of where the imbalance(s) may lay. (That being said, sometimes we dive right in with the counseling, and save the “mechanical” things for a future appointment.)

Sometimes we recommend herbs and other natural remedies during the first visit. We may suggest blood tests or other studies to help us gather more clues.

If you’re working with a prescriber locally, we may offer some suggestions about medications and dosage protocols that you could ask them about. As your RTH’s expert will be your consultant (and not as your physician), they cannot prescribe pharmaceutical medications to you – though they may offer their opinions on them. For this reason, we require that you work with a prescriber local to you.

If you have blood tests or other studies done, in a subsequent visit your RTH consultant will discuss the findings and educate you on what is happening within your own body. We will begin chipping away at the psycho-spiritual components of your case through gentle counseling techniques (if you’re willing). We may also “fine tune” the plan with respect to herbs and supplements.

You can count on there being “homework” after each visit – because the plan works best if you work it! (So work it – you’re worth it!)

What if I just have one question?

Our new client appointments are usually 60 minutes or longer. These are for people who want customized support around their health.

If you truly have just one or two questions, however, a 15-minute new client appointment may be just the right thing.

Where do we meet?

All appointments are on Zoom. You will receive a zoom link in the confirmation email once you have scheduled your appointment. Please be sure to download and install Zoom well before your first appointment.

Who is my physician?

Remote consultations are not a substitute for in-person care. By law your RTH will not be acting as your physician and thus cannot prescribe Rx drugs. All RTH clients are required to have a local primary care provider (GP) and prescriber if they need medication.

Your RTH consultant may offer insight into herbs, supplements, and other natural products which can be purchased through RTH’s online shop or elsewhere. They may also mention over-the-counter remedies and/or prescription medications worth discussing with your healthcare provider.

And you can absolutely bet they’ll offer insights about nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise, and recommend books, websites, apps, and other resources to support you in the process of healing.

Where do I get my psychedelics?

While RTH offers consultations to discuss the risks, benefits, and nuances of entheogenic healing, your provider will not encourage you to break the law or assist you in doing so. (They will not connect you to “underground” providers.)

Your consultant may, however, recommend programs and practitioners operating legally, suggest clinical trials enrolling participants, or refer to reputable ketamine clinics, or suggest entheogenic churches.

What’s the cost of an appointment? Do you take health insurance?

The online scheduling system includes transparent details about cost for each type of appointment and relevant no-show fees. You will be able to see the cost of the appointment prior to booking.

The system will prompt you to enter your credit card (or HSA/FSA card) number at the time of booking. Payment is processed in full at the time of scheduling, but will be refunded in part or whole if you need to cancel (minus any late cancellation/no-show fees, if applicable).

We do not work with health insurance or any third-party payers, or otherwise negotiate with terrorists. We also do not provide CMSS forms or Superbills for out of network reimbursement.

We do accept FSA and HSA cards as forms of payment in our online credit card payment system and online supplement store. FSA and HSA accounts can also typically be used to pay for lab work and supplements.

We do not offer payment plans at this time.

Payment is due in full at the time of booking (not at the time of service).

Do I need to buy a whole package of visits?

Nope! Visits are booked one at a time, a la carte.

Some of our clients have just one or two sessions with me to help point them in the right direction. Other clients check in every few weeks to continue chipping away at chronic health issues. We are here to support you as much or as little as you desire.

Who owns Right to Heal?

Right to Heal is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It doesn’t have an owner, but is rather overseen by an entire board.

Ready to heal?

The choice to heal is always the right choice - and it's also your right.

Dr. Erica Zelfand, CEO of Right to Heal