For Providers

The world needs more providers like you:

Caring, curious, and unbridled by the status quo.


We help you help others.

Offering peer-to-peer advice, career coaching, and industry consultations.

Peer-to-peer support

Stuck on a tough case? Need some guidance? Want to learn the nuances of psychedelic healing, get business advice, or interpret a functional lab test?

Or maybe you’re an underground provider with questions about your client’s medications list, and if it’s safe for them to do a session with you?

We’ve got your back. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Career counseling

How much does medical school really cost?

Is it better to become an MD, DO, ND / NMD, NP, PA, homeopath, clinical nutritionist, clinical herbalist, health coach, trip-sitter above ground, underground facilitator – or what?

There are so many factors to consider when taking the very big step of pursuing a career in healing. There’s no one right choice for everybody, but let’s talk about it and see what path best suits your talents and goals.Get your questions answered.

Industry consultations

For product & service developers:

If you’re creating a healthcare product or service for the healthcare or psychedelic industry, let’s talk.

Our specialists can help point out roadblocks and offer pointers on how to circumvent them. The bar is set higher for this market; we’ll help you plan for success.

Retreats for providers to heal and learn 

  Join us for a practicum training retreat 

right to heal courses

Courses on psychedelic-assisted healing

Our courses are pre-recorded and available on demand, to match your busy lifestyle. If you’re ready to have intelligent, nuanced conversations with your patients or clients about psychedelics and mental health, visit our learning library.

CE available

providers Ali Right to Heal psychedelic medicine and therapy

Your personal healing, supported.

We offer personalized healthcare consultations to help you claim the healthiest version of yourself

Your cup can’t overflow if it isn’t full. Let’s focus on you.

providers Ali Right to Heal psychedelic medicine and therapy

The choice to heal is always the right choice - and it's also your right.

Dr. Erica Zelfand, CEO of Right to Heal