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Dr. Zelfand's Official Bio (Full)

Dr. Erica Zelfand is the executive director of Right to Heal, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering people around psychedelic healing and other life-saving techniques that conventional medicine has ignored.

Dr. Zelfand’s training and skill set span the spectrum of both conventional and natural approaches. She treats people of all ages and stages of life, from newborns to those approaching the end of life. Areas of focus within her family practice include: autoimmunity, endocrinology, and integrative mental health. She is deeply committed to patient-centered, root-cause-oriented, nature-honoring approaches to healing.

Dr. Zelfand is also a facilitator of therapeutic psycho-spiritual experiences, and regularly lectures on psychedelic science at medical institutions worldwide. She also trains practitioners in person and online, and is listed in the Portland Business Journal as a psilocybin trailblazer.

Dr. Zelfand loves sharing her knowledge, her reverence for nature, and her zesty sense of humor with her colleagues, her patients and clients, and audiences of all sizes worldwide. She is also a fan of dark chocolate and group hugs. To learn more and connect, please visit www.DrZelfand.com.

Dr. Zelfand's Official Bio (Short)

Dr. Erica Zelfand specializes in integrative mental health. In addition to treating patients of all ages in her medical practice, she is a psychedelic therapist and ketamine provider. She is also a lead educator in the country’s first licensed psilocybin facilitator school (InnerTrek.org), a mentor, and an acclaimed international speaker. Her work focuses on bridging the gaps between mind, body, and spirit, and interfacing conventional and alternative modalities. Dr. Zelfand is the excutive director of Right to Heal (RightToHeal.com), a nonprofit organization committed to empowering individuals in reclaiming their health.

To learn more, please visit DrZelfand.com, or @DrZelfand. 

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Medical Journal Articles

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PMID: 33132774

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