Non-Dislosure, Non-Solicitation, & Non-Compete

To consult or collaborate with us, you must agree to all of the following:



By using our profesional consultation services, you agree to take full responsibility for the care of your patients/clients/customers. Our conversation is for sharing of ideas only. You agree not to hold your consultant, RTH, or Simba Health liable for any harm, injury, inconvenience, or death that may occur in your practice as a result of using the therapies I recommend or for implementing (or failing to implement) any other information I share during our consult.

The consultant is not rendering a treatment decision. Always make your own choices in how to best care for your clients/patients; this consultation is a tool that may or may not be appropriate for the patient(s) you serve. Advice given does not equate any treatment decision.


You agree that you will maintain the confidentiality of our proprietary and critical confidential information during and after our consultation, in perpetuity. You agree not to use any Confidential Information for any purpose other than to support your own clients/patients. You must take all reasonable measures to protect the secrecy of and avoid disclosure or use of Confidential Information of your consultant, Right to Heal, Simba Health, and agents of those entities in order to prevent it from falling into the public domain.

“Confidential Information” means:

  • Business Information: Any information, technical or scientific data, plans or know-how (whether disclosed before or after the date of this Agreement), including, but not limited to business and service development activities, medical information, financial projections, business forecasts, sales and marketing plans, organizational charts, employee compensation, patents, patent applications, market/patient/physician research, inventions, processes, designs, and financial information. “Confidential Information” also includes the terms of any agreements with RTH, Simba Health, or its agents, as well as all handouts, training manual, staff schedule, guest schedule, and other materials pertaining to events. 
  • Personal identifiable information and medical records.
  • Information considered “HIPPA-protected information” per United States Law. This includes guests’/clients’ last names, email addresses, phone numbers, sensitive medical information, or other identifying information.
  • All handouts, training manual, staff schedule, guest schedule and other materials generated by RTH or its contractors cannot be used in part or whole without attribution to RTH and RTH’s written permission. Any materials generated by you for RTH or RTH’s Events will be considered dual-licensed works made for hire, wherein both of us have the full rights to use, internationally, without restriction, in perpetuity, said materials.
  • You also agree to hold in confidence details of RTH employees’ and contractors’ personal lives.
  • This Non Disclosure Agreement shall survive in perpetuity.


Starting today, and for a period of two years after the last appointment or interaction with the provider, Right to Heal, and/or Simba Health, you hereby agree not to solicit any of RTH’s or Simba Health’s current or former professional connections without first seeking written permission our CEO. We have the full right to deny any and all such requests.

“Current or former connections” means: (1) Employees, vendors, contractors, interns, or independent contractors. You may not to solicit these parties for employment, independent contractor work, business partnership, or other professional collaboration. (2) The event/retreat site(s) that we rent or uses (including AirBNBs, private homes, and retreat centers), as well as the drivers/shuttle service hires for events. (3) Our clients and event participants.


By scheduling with us, you agree that you will not organize a retreat or other event for more than four adults within the town/city limits or within a ten-mile (16 kilometer) radius of any of these towns/cities in the country of Mexico: Tepoztlan, Cuernavaca, Atlacholoaya, Valle de Bravo – nor will you support your business partners, romantic partners, family members, and/or advisees in doing so.

The exception to this non-compete clause is only for Mexican nationals, operating within their state of residency.