Learn. Grow. Heal.

Healing Retreats

It’s time to get unstuck.

A space for deep healing, personal growth, and new beginnings. Supported by a safe group container, psilocybin, and a traditional sweat lodge.

Next Healing Retreat: May 2024


Practicum Training Retreats

Learn, grow, and heal – from both sides of the mushroom.

For students of psycho-spiritual facilitation as well as practicing guides who want to deepen their skills, this retreat focuses as much on personal healing as on professional development.

Next Practicum Retreat: April 2024


Peyote Ceremonies

Sit with the medicines of peyote, fire, song, and community in a traditional ceremony led by an indigenous Wixárika (Huichol) Marakame.

By invitation only to our established clients and members of our retreats contact list.

Next Ceremony: TBA

Online Group Integration

Reflecting upon our experiences helps them more fully transform our lives.

In an understanding, supportive, and confidential container, we provide the space that is all too often missing in the default culture.

Clients love us:

"Such a beautiful experience. I couldn't believe how full every day was with learning and bonding and growing. I'm so thankful I got to witness and be a part of everything that happened during those magical few days. Erica did an extraordinary job connecting to each person, keeping the tone serious, calm and fun all at the same time while managing to all of the details of the retreat. I'm so glad I went, it was wonderful and life changing."

Ryan S.

"RTH Retreat offered the most amazing, transformational week of my life. I am grateful for the flexibility, knowledge and mindfulness brought into such a sacred container. Erica trusted me in my healing, and that was refreshing and allowed my ability to deep dive and step into my life and purpose more fully. Ineffable is the word that continues to come to mind, but it was a truly beautiful week of being witnessed, held, trusted and heard. Growth in community and sacred container is powerful along with this incredible plant medicine that has evolved with us to guide healing. "

Dr. Kelly Prill, Functional Neurologist

"If given the opportunity to work with Erica and her team on a healing journey, please do not hesitate. Any sacrifices you make to give yourself the time and space to heal will be worth it. This is life-changing work and YOU are worth it. The safe and supportive environment provided by Dr. Zelfand and her team allowed for the healing of wounds and trauma I had been carrying for over 30 years and I have already seen positive change and results integrated into my daily life. "

Kara, Naturopathic Doctor

"I can't express in words the immensely transformative power of exploring, learning, and healing that can take place within such a loving, supportive community as this one. Erica skillfully led the co-creation of a safe, nurturing container, weaving a net of trust, vulnerability, and connection, inviting and empowering each of us to contribute beyond our perceived limits, encouraging and challenging us lovingly to show up wholly and to be witnessed deeply. A magical alchemy took place within our group."

Val, Facilitator, Mentor

"Wow, thank you! I never expected to have such a deep healing. Your expertise of psilocybin, along with your ability to create safety and comfort created the perfect trifecta for me to allow the medicine to do its thing."

Hilary Andrews, Naturopathic Physician

"I have never had a retreat where I was given full permission to express my true self. I was able to do the biggest healing work I have ever done due to feeling safe and held by Erica & the sacred container she created. "

Christine Marie, Plant Medicine Guide, Shamanic Healer

"I had never done a psychedelic in my life before this retreat and I was nervous. But from the moment I arrived I felt very cared for. My experience with the mushrooms was more than I could have even imagined. I felt a change that has carried through to my life after the retreat."

Yoly, Hospice and Palliative Care Physician

"My experience at RTH was so much more than I could’ve imagined. Erica put together a great team, and we were held with care, understanding, and love. The balance of structure and flow within the retreat allowed a beautiful and safe container to be created by all of us, with room for all of us. I felt accepted and loved, and experienced and witnessed immense healing. I left with gratitude, hope, and so many lessons."

Anthony B, Dad

The choice to heal is always the right choice - and it's also your right.

Dr. Erica Zelfand, CEO of Right to Heal