It’s Suicide Awareness Month
By Alicia Bigelow

As the warm easy days of summer come to a close and kids go back to school, we are reminded of the waning of the year and the turn of the seasons. Along with the unfolding of this season of introspection comes a time of increased pressures of work-life balance, darker days, and more time inside. In a positive state of mind, some of this can feel cozy and fulfilling. However, it can also be overwhelming, isolating and lonely.

At Right to Heal, we are here to help support this transition to Fall. We use a wide array of tools to help support mental health. We know that mental and physical health are inextricably linked. In treating the whole person, we assess both mental and physical causes as part of our evaluation. Did you know that the #1 physical cause of depression is hypothyroidism? Other physical causes of depression can be related to poor diet, sleep disorders, inflammation, infection, autoimmune disease, nutritional deficiencies, and more. Because we look for the root causes of what is leading to depression, we can support the whole person in their journey back to health and wellbeing. By building this foundation of health, this makes other treatments being used more effective.

One of our areas of expertise at Right to Heal is in integrating psychedelic medicine as a tool to access the innate healing wisdom in you. These medicines have an increasing body of research supporting their use in depression, and can sometimes be effective in just a single session.

Check out this publication about psilocybin in JAMA in August 2023.. 

Additionally, Ketamine has been shown to help with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety and PTSD and can be effective as treatment for suicidal ideation. Unlike waiting for SSRIs or other antidepressants to take weeks or months to reach full effect, Ketamine can save lives by providing immediate relief. I also provide IV Ketamine sessions (along with live music sound healing) in Portland, Oregon at Cascade Psychedelic Medicine.

What previously depressed clients have said after attending a Right to Heal psilocybin retreat: