Meet the Team

Our caring, skilled facilitators are here to support you.


Dr. Erica

Our resident backseat driver and the executive director of RTH, Dr. Erica maintains a medical practice, teaches psychedelic facilitation internationally, and is known for being sassy and always wanting a snack.


Born and raised in Mexico, Giovan has a passion for creating and protecting containers of transformation. He was one of the founding members of ManKind Project Mexico, where he helped men step into their sacred power in a healthy way. Giovan is also the proud father of two beautiful boys and a bridge between the people of “el Norte” and the healing power of Mexican traditions.


Born and raised in Morelos, Mexico, Sachi is RTH’s operations chaos tamer. Fluent in English and Spanish, she helps create and protect our container of transformation.

Dr. Ali

With over 20 years of clinical experience as a naturopathic physician, and over a decade as a teacher, Dr. Ali briges the gaps between mind and body; spirit and nature. She is a mother, a trail-runner, and a psychonaut. Guests love Dr. Ali’s calming, grounding presence and unconditional care.

Elyse, LPCa

Elyse is a trauma-informed somatic and transpersonal psychotherapist. She is certified in psychedelic preparation, navigation, and integration. Elyse sings on the drum at Moon Dances, and loves hiking in the woods with her husky, Lobo.

Denise, LCSW

Denise is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and founder of the New Jersey Psychedelic Therapy Association.

For over three years, Denise worked as a retreat leader and lead therapist at a legal psilocybin retreat center in Jamaica. Denise has had the privilege of overseeing over
1,500 psilocybin sessions, and as many group integration sessions.

She has a profound respect for the healing potential of this medicine, as well as a deep sense of the responsibility practitioners hold in shepherding people on their journeys.

Denise has a private practice in New Jersey, specializing in individuals with complex trauma, especially adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Jessalyn, LMSW

Jessalyn (she/they) is a therapist and a somatic psychedelic faciliator. She provides trauma-informed and LGBTQ2SIA+ affirming care through an integrative approach that draws from psychodynamic; existential; somatic; transpersonal; intersectional, postcolonial feminist; and queer theories.

Grounded in a practical yet empathetic framework, Jessalyn helps clients find hope, and collaborates with them to develop skills for building a life beyond suffering.

Yaoiztliquetzal (who also goes by Emilio) is committed to preserving the roots and traditions of the Mexican heritage.
A Master of the Temazcal ancestral ceremony of the Toltec culture, Emilio is a sociologist and coordinator of men’s circles. He also dances and drums at pre-Hispanic Mexican dances.
His Tonal name, Yao-iztli-quetzal, means “warrior-obsidian-bird.”
Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel was born in Mexico City and completed his medical residency in Israel, where he specialisted in Somatic Psychotherapy. 

Dr. Daniel is certified in integrative psychiatry and psychedelic-assisted therapy. He is dedicated to the preparation and integration of psychedelic processes, using a gentle, somatic approach. He speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew fluently.


Val began her life’s work as a healing practitioner and community builder, wearing the many hats of a massage therapist, birth doula, apprentice homebirth midwife, herbal medicine maker, and music maker. 

She is a graduate of InnerTrek‘s inaugural class of psilocybin facilitators, and continues to serve InnerTrek’s training program cohorts as community tender and home group leader. 

A deep, watery empath, Val extends warm-hearted nurture, unwavering presence, encouragement and mentorship for folks navigating life’s transitions and depths.  She loves to accompany people as they come to befriend and trust their inner healing wisdom.


Ken has over 20 years of experience in leading transformational retreats and trainings through ManKind Project International. He has also worked for years as a Ranger at Burning Man. Ken is a jazz musician, engineer, and collector of cat t-shirts. He lives in Mexico City with his husband, Emilio and their kitties.


The term “venado” means “deer” in Spanish. In the Wixárika (Huichol) culture, the deer is considered a sacred animal and a messenger between humans and the gods. This describes Venado’s work as a Marakame (shaman), bridging the material and spiritual realms.

Venado leads peyote ceremonies around the world, including at Right to Heal’s Central Mexico locations.


David facilitates psychedelic journeys for individuals and groups. With a gentle and compassionate approach, he specializes in creating safe spaces that enable deep exploration, healing, and personal growth.

His facilitation style is inspired by over 25 years of meditation practice, his training at Inner Trek, and his education at Right to Heal. David also draws upon his experience in business leadership, creating inclusive cultures.


Sarah brings empathy, humor, and the ability to hold a judgment-free, safe, and sacred space.

She is a graduate of Inner Trek and Right to Heal’s facilitator training programs, and offers private psilocybin sessions through Chariot Space in Portland and Satya Therapeutics in Ashland.

Sarah leads integration groups through Right to Heal every month. Click here to register

Guest Facilitators

A rotating team of vetted sitters, psychologists, & facilitators-in-training. Each has their own superpowers.


Kuka is a natural at supporting and challenging us all at just the right moment. She chases away bad energy, replacing it with sweet playfulness. She likes belly rubs and dinner leftovers.

Kuka can be found at our Central Mexico retreat. She swims through an aquaduct to join us, but quickly shakes off the water.

Dr. George

Dr. G is a doctor, acupuncturist, Mexican-American healer, and mama-sister-friend. She brings warmth, humor, and a trauma-informed focus to her care with clients.

Dr. G also consults with clients internationally through Right to Heal’s virtual sessions. Book now with Dr. G. 

Clients love us:

"We were supported by an extremely competent and qualified team that made for a safe and healing experience beyond words. I definitely will be returning! I am forever grateful to these incredible facilitators and staff. "

Marilyn O’Brien

"As both a mental health therapist and as someone with complex trauma, the two Right to Heal retreats I've been on have been some of the most joyful, meaningful, and healing experiences of my life. I've learned things about myself through the journeys and group containers built that have profoundly changed the way I see myself and the way I operate in the world."


"Being believed-in is a very special kind of life-affirming medicine itself & Right to Heal has mastered it 🔥 I trust Dr. Erica & her team more than almost any other practitioners in the world (& I’m a practitioner myself!). The sense of safety & trust created is unparalleled & has repeatedly proven itself to be reliable & real. "


"Such a beautiful experience. I couldn't believe how full every day was with learning and bonding and growing. I'm so thankful I got to witness and be a part of everything that happened during those magical few days. Erica did an extraordinary job connecting to each person, keeping the tone serious, calm and fun all at the same time while managing to all of the details of the retreat. I'm so glad I went, it was wonderful and life changing."

Ryan S.

"RTH Retreat offered the most amazing, transformational week of my life. I am grateful for the flexibility, knowledge and mindfulness brought into such a sacred container. Erica trusted me in my healing, and that was refreshing and allowed my ability to deep dive and step into my life and purpose more fully. Ineffable is the word that continues to come to mind, but it was a truly beautiful week of being witnessed, held, trusted and heard. Growth in community and sacred container is powerful along with this incredible plant medicine that has evolved with us to guide healing. "

Dr. Kelly Prill, Functional Neurologist

"If given the opportunity to work with Erica and her team on a healing journey, please do not hesitate. Any sacrifices you make to give yourself the time and space to heal will be worth it. This is life-changing work and YOU are worth it. The safe and supportive environment provided by Dr. Zelfand and her team allowed for the healing of wounds and trauma I had been carrying for over 30 years and I have already seen positive change and results integrated into my daily life. "

Kara, Naturopathic Doctor

"I can't express in words the immensely transformative power of exploring, learning, and healing that can take place within such a loving, supportive community as this one. Erica skillfully led the co-creation of a safe, nurturing container, weaving a net of trust, vulnerability, and connection, inviting and empowering each of us to contribute beyond our perceived limits, encouraging and challenging us lovingly to show up wholly and to be witnessed deeply. A magical alchemy took place within our group."

Val, Facilitator, Mentor

"One of the many things that makes RTH unique is the way participants are deeply respected and trusted with our own healing while being given numerous tools, support, and avenues to approach that process. Also for me, there’s a substantial feeling of safety knowing that there is medical expertise, as well as a tremendous amount of experience and integrity in the leadership. It adds to the multidimensional feeling of being held in a truly safe & loving container."

Practicum Retreat Participant

"Wow, thank you! I never expected to have such a deep healing. Your expertise of psilocybin, along with your ability to create safety and comfort created the perfect trifecta for me to allow the medicine to do its thing."

Hilary Andrews, Naturopathic Physician

"I have never had a retreat where I was given full permission to express my true self. I was able to do the biggest healing work I have ever done due to feeling safe and held by Erica & the sacred container she created. "

Christine Marie, Plant Medicine Guide, Shamanic Healer

"I had never done a psychedelic in my life before this retreat and I was nervous. But from the moment I arrived I felt very cared for. My experience with the mushrooms was more than I could have even imagined. I felt a change that has carried through to my life after the retreat."

Yoly, Hospice and Palliative Care Physician

"My experience at RTH was so much more than I could’ve imagined. Erica put together a great team, and we were held with care, understanding, and love. The balance of structure and flow within the retreat allowed a beautiful and safe container to be created by all of us, with room for all of us. I felt accepted and loved, and experienced and witnessed immense healing. I left with gratitude, hope, and so many lessons."

Anthony B, Dad

The choice to heal is always the right choice - and it's also your right.

Dr. Erica Zelfand, CEO of Right to Heal